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# Muhurtha Auspicious Time Task
1Raja05:56:41 amAll good things
2Shapa06:18:41 amPlanting seeds
3Chandra06:22:41 amOrdination, Education
4Chathu Vishti06:41:41 amTraveling
5Sarpa Karana07:23:41 amIrrigation, Build Bridges, Agriculture
6Dewa07:36:41 amAll good things
7Nara07:42:41 amTransactions
8Karya07:48:41 amStarting a new project
9Padam Devi08:00:41 amArchitectural work
10Jaya08:03:41 amTraveling by wishing a success
11Shanthi08:41:41 amShanti Karma, Bodhi Puja
12Chakravathi09:26:41 amHorse races, Auctions
13Maithri09:35:41 amGood for traveling
14Vajra10:09:41 amMeeting friends
15Rajavasi10:41:41 amAcceptance of titles and vehicles
16Abhiyuth11:16:41 amFor all good things
17Vishnu01:09:41 pmFor all good things
18Garuda01:46:41 pmTo suppress the enemies, to control cobras
19Raja02:10:41 pmIncapacitation, lawsuits
20Mayura02:36:41 pmFor traveling, for business
21Sukha02:56:41 pmMining Gems
22Vanara03:27:41 pmTask event
23Kumbhili03:40:11 pmFor a security job
24Ponaka04:02:41 pmFor a security job
25Magha04:24:11 pmSeeding yams
26Swarana04:30:11 pmAll science, medicine, adtidote control
27Brahma04:49:41 pmOrdains
28Angunadi04:59:11 pmHouse,stages,weddings
29Rama05:02:41 pmEarning wealth
30Shashrini05:04:41 pmAll types of sciences
31Kshethra05:07:41 pmWeddings, Jewelry
32Sadol05:16:41 pmHand crafts, Agriculture
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