Los Angeles

In Los angeles Compassion project is mainly focused on creating an opportunity for people to help others in need.

  • We feed 600 people on Down town skid row each month.
  • Arrange visitations to hospices.
  • Clean up and paint converlesant homes, half way houses, temples etc.
  • Comfort and help those who are in pain through support groups.
  • Defend the wrongly accused.
  • Help inmates with smooth transition society to job training and counseling.
  • Conduct Bone Marrow registration drives throught sri lankan community to save lives through “Sri Lankans For Marrow Matches”.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka Compassion project is mainly focused on helping the those who need help the most .

  • Donate reading glasses to the most needy, help student with school supplies.
  • Drill water well for those who do not have access to fresh water.
  • Provide cataract operation.
  • Remodel/restore Buddhist temples , meditation centers etc.
  • Conduct medical clinics in remote areas.
  • Help temple that are in financial need.
  • Help people with small business aid.
  • Provide computers to poor schools.
  • Provide school uniforms .


In India we feed homeless people

  • Build toilets and Showers for the needy
  • Drill water wells
  • help orphanages
  • Provide school supplies to the needy